Floor Toppings: New/Replacement/Repairs

Existing floor surfaces often have a topping which has failed or partly failed.  Floor surfaces can also require topping to create the correct level at adjoining rooms.

Magnesite Removal:

  • Remove and dispose of magnesite
  • Prepare concrete surfaces for new toppings
  • Supply and install new toppings

We use a range of cementitious products.

Cementitious products:

  • Are rapid-set self levelling underlay
  • Achieve a flat surface to meet the fine tolerances required for sheet vinyl, floating timber and large tiles
  • Produce a smooth surface that can be feather edged
  • Can be ramped to suit existing floor surface needs

While not unique to Magnatex, cementitious toppings form an integral part of the floor levelling and repair solutions we provide and combined with our concrete cancer investigation and repair serices provide a one stop shop for the unit owner, owners corporation and strata manager.


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