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Managing a treatment for Concrete Spalling (Concrete Cancer) can be extremely time-consuming for both Strata Managers and Builders alike. Unless the problem can be efficiently and permanently rectified, rental relationships can be critically fractured; tenant income streams and owner occupier lifestyles can be severely impacted. At Magnatex we adhere to a series of service standards that are designed to ensure the timely resolution of problems and prevent their recurrence.

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Our Complete Two Step Process

Step 1

We undertake a professional investigation of the problem in order to identify the source of the concrete cancer damage. Identifying the source is vital in reducing the probability of further ongoing concrete spalling. Once the nature of, or cause of, the source is identified, we determine the optimum repair system to use

Step 2

We have available a range of Repair Systems & Mortars from leading manufacturers worldwide that we use to reinstate the structural integrity of a concrete slab. The Repair mortars have high compressive strength and are impermeable. We ensure that we use the right system and products for your project.

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Neil Trenwith

Early repair of Concrete Spalling can limit further deterioration and prevent additional costs.

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